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BI Benchmarking
Our BI Benchmark tool is designed to provide an average business interruption value for your industry and sales level. You can use this information to compare your value calculations to industry averages. All you need to get started are your annual net sales and your industry’s North American Industrial Coding System (NAICS) identification number.  Best of all, it's free.

Business Interruption Values Benchmarking

Here's how it works: Benchmark averages are established using data from government sources including the Internal Revenue Service, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Department of Commerce, Census Department and the Department of Labor. This data covers P&L and employment information for over 14 million businesses. These 14 million businesses are represented by 1,140 NAICS codes. Enter the net sales and then your industry's NAICS Code. To find your industry's code click on the browse button below and use the drop down menus to find the appropriate industry code. Then click "Generate BI Benchmark Report" to receive your benchmarked results.

Annual Net Sales (US$):


RWH Myers & Company, LLC does not provide any warranties for use of this benchmark tool. Use of this freely-available tool is at the risk of the individual user and RWH Myers & Company, LLC retains no responsibility or liability based upon its use.